If your goal is to provide timely, cost effective quality work.
Join our Family

We at Retail Handyman are only looking for the best facility maintenance vendors to join our family.

We take pride in the relationships we have with our vendors, as we believe in a mutual relationship of trust.

In order to build that trust we must treat you with respect and insure that prompt payments are rendered to you so that your business can survive in the current economy. And this is our promise to you.

We expect you to provide a friendly attitude, timely service, high quality workmanship and timely accurate invoicing. All vendors must be fully insured and be licensed in the trades where it is applicable.

If you can live up to our simple American values please join us to become qualified as a Retail Handyman vendor. There is no cost to you and you have nothing to lose.

We currently have over 20,000 vendors in our family and with over 20,000 towns and cities across the US alone we have set a goal of 30,000 by year end of 2019. Our goal is to manage over 500,000 facility maintenance projects per year by 2019.

We currently have needs for all types of vendors, from fixture installers to general contractors as well as skilled trades.

Retail Handyman is now partnering with and will begin using the Dispatch Management System. We will begin migrating our accounts to this system over the next few months.

The benefit to our vendors will be greater visibility in the areas that you cover as well as a greater internet presence for your business as it pertains to homeowners, direct clients and other national services. Dispatch Management will also be tied to the upcoming www.econtractors411.com website where you can display your company as well as publish pictures for your trades to make you more attractive to the general internet public.

Before proceeding to the sign up website we highly advise that you have the following information ready:

  • A W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification form that can be uploaded (http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf)
  • Certificates of Insurance showing Retail Handyman as Certificate Holder and Additional Insured that can be uploaded or at very least your insurance policy information to start.
  • You may want to pick out some photos of your work to upload to be displayed on the econtractors411.com website (optional).
  • Your Company Logo for display (optional).

Thank You and Welcome to the Retail Handyman Family.