When you need information now!!
You've come to the right place!!

We believe that communications are the key to success, our primary purpose is to make you and your store personnel comfortable by providing the highest levels of communications and service.

The store communicates the problem to you or directly to us, the call is immediately entered into our dispatch management database.

We communicate with a pre approved skilled vendor that can best respond and handle the request for service. Our communication is telephonic, e-mail, smart phone and facsimile with our contractors. After contacting our vendor, we communicate with the store to assure them that we are on the way to service them within the best time frame possible. We communicate back to you as well to insure that you are aware and we will follow through until all parties are satisfied.

We offer client remote access to you as an option for looking at your jobs to obtain information in real time as we gather it. We have many clients that find it to be invaluable for checking everything from invoicing to store history as well as current service call progress.

We have also added the ability to enter new jobs as well as enter notes into the jobs you may currently have in progress. Each time a new job or notation is added we are immediately notified through our in house system.

Our goal is to be able to communicate in any way that may be comfortable for you and to provide the options to do so. We feel there is nothing like a phone call with a smile, however there are always those times when you may be too busy to have the ability to receive a call yet you still need information now.