When it absolutely must be done now!! You've come to the right place!!

Retail Handyman was started with the idea of servicing the retail industry and their outlets for the smaller everyday tasks that needed to be performed in order to make their stores look good. We are growing at the request of our clients to handle larger projects as we have proven we can deliver cost effectively and on time. We can now deliver full service facility maintenance services from the edge of your property line to the top of your roof.

Our project management staff comprises of people with experience in electrical, plumbing, HVAC, carpentry, fixture installation, carpeting and general contracting as well as other trades. We have the "know how" and the ability to resolve anything from the top of your building to the corner of your property. We are here to become an asset to the facilities we service by working together to preserve and protect their interests whether it be a landlord related issue or warranty. We understand the obstacles you face on a daily basis and are able to take on your challenges so you can concentrate on enhancing sales.

Even with our great project management team a valued asset is the network of contractors we manage, our network of contractors currently totals over 20,000 in the US alone. They are all skilled tradesmen that strive to deliver the highest quality of work with the utmost in integrity on a moments notice. We all work together to provide cost effective solutions for all facilities projects large and small. We teach each other on a constant basis so that we may expand our knowledge base together.