Even with all of our technology people come first! There's nothing like a phone call with a smile!!

With modern day communications we at Retail Handyman believe that it is of the utmost importance to have the ability to keep all of our systems operational at all times. We can't respond to your facility maintenance request if we cannot receive it, or do not have the communications network to dispatch or follow up on it!

We have built our own solid reliable network of servers with fail safes to guard our internal and external communications network. All servers are in house and we do not rely on any outside sources for our facilities management software or e-mail. We have our own power backups, internet back up systems and cell phones just in case anything happens. Our facilities management software has been custom built and designed to our specifications with the help of Job Dispatch Management, Inc. Our databases offer us everything from simple everyday dispatching to preventive maintenance solutions to fit your needs.

Our interactive client access server allows you to participate in how your service calls are handled by allowing you to enter new work, make notes in existing jobs or just view the progression of facilities maintenance orders on a real time basis.